Animation, Stop-motion & GIFs

Verena Street Coffee

I came up with the idea for this piece and worked with 2 talented interns who produced it. It was so well received that DDB used it as a digital holiday card for the Skittles clients.

Happy Halloween

An idea I had for Halloween. Worked with Emily Walton, Sarofsky and Groove Guild on it.

Wanted to add a little bit extra to the intern welcome photo using one of the many apps in my toolkit.

I was lucky to work with a talented animator on this Valentine’s Day piece.

Static pics of trophies can be boring. So I found an app to add some animation and rotated the trophy.

Mother’s Day Gif I produced (designed by the talented Nancy McCabe)

A Valentine’s Day video we created for Instagram.

An idea I had for the first truly animated piece for DDB’s Instagram. Jaehyuk Choi did the animation. I took the photo of the AON Center.

Another stop-motion video I created for the DDB Chicago Instagram account.

Our first attempt at Claymation for DDB Chicago.

Worked with the DDB design department to celebrate the 4th of July.

For the holidays, I wanted to create a fully animated piece. Luckily, DDB had just hired an Art Director who could do some animation. So I creative directed this piece and he added some of his own elements to it.

I had the pleasure of working with two interns that did some amazing stop-motion work. They took the idea I had for a Thanksgiving post and took it even further.

There’s always a big splash around Mother’s Day. But sometimes the Fathers get left out. So I worked with the DDB design department to create this GIF.

Wendy Clark, the CEO of DDB North America shared this piece we created for the McDonald’s win. And Jonathan Mildenhall, the CMO of AirBnB said, “It’s the thousands of little ideas like this that make up huge brand wins in the hearts and minds of us all.”

A stop-motion piece I created to announce DDB’s wins at LIA.

For Mother’s Day, I worked with the design team to incorporate one of our clients into the piece.

DDB sent me to SXSW to run all the social channels. I created this stop-motion piece to announce the agency would be there.